Terms of Service

《1》 Viv-media.com offers services for journalists, agencies as well as other opinion makers for the publication of press releases. Viv-media.com publishes the press releases in the name of the author(s). All statements made as a part of and included in the text of the press release are the sole responsibility of the author(s). Viv-media.com takes no responsibility for any statement published therein as to its correctness, origin, validity or veracity, hence cannot be held liable for any claims made by the author(s). Viv-media.com is responsible neither for direct nor for indirect damage or loss, real or perceived, resulting from the publication of press release texts on Viv-media.com. The author is held solely and completely responsible for any legal costs rising out of claims made against Viv-media.com as a result of the publication of authors press release.

《2》Viv-media.com examines each press release before its publication and reserves the right to reject any part or all of the press release submitted. This applies in particular to any non permission reprinted copyright material and that type of material which Viv-media.com deems to be unsuitable or in bad taste, any racially tainted remarks or context, any lewd, pornographic material or text or any materials that are socially unsuitable or offensive. Viv-media.com shall be the final judge of the acceptability of material to be submitted within its ability to do so; this shall be without exception. Users of Viv-media.com are not permitted to publish articles which are considered harmful or defamatory towards companies or individuals. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you agree to give Viv-media.com that right to review, edit or delete any article or press release you post on Viv-media.com, regardless of content.

《3》 Viv-media.com may without prior announcement or notification, change any part or all of Viv-media.com or to remove or delete any part or all of the press portal Viv-media.com.

《4》 Viv-media.com dispatches press releases usually several times daily at agreed upon times. At the same time, the dispatching of Viv-media.com press releases at any given time shall not be considered a binding contract to any recipient or member, due to any unforseeable technical problem or any problem due to natural forces.

《5》 Only published press releases on Viv-media.com can be freely copied, printed and/or re-published as Viv-media sees fit. However, it is not permitted to republish any Viv-media.com materials without indicating on the republished material, if any part of or all was previously published on Viv-media.com, without giving proper acknowledgement of Viv-media.com as the source in plain view and as close to the body text as possible. It is not allowed to republish, reprint, copy, reproduce, download news articles, logos, photos or any other material copyrighted by news or PR agencies.

《6》 Viv-media.com is not responsible for contents of outside web pages that are active links on Viv-media.com's site. Viv-media.com is without influence on the type of content these other linked pages may display. Viv-media.com expressly disassociates itself from the contents of all linked sites in any event but specifically in the event of the content of said site having been changed after the link was published on Viv-media.com. This statement applies to all link references found on Viv-media.com. While Viv-media monitors the kind of material that is submitted to it, it cannot be held responsible for that which is outside its influence. The website owner/author is wholly and completely responsible for the content of these linked sites.

《7》Viv-media.com may make any changes or adjustments to the above terms if deemed useful or if recommended, and it may do so without prior notification.

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